Avor Kindlustusmaakler OÜ

Avor Kindlustusmaakler is a company with a capable team that operates independently of international brokerage companies and insurance undertakings. 

Insurance brokerage means the mediation of insurance policies by Avor on behalf of the client for the purpose of offering, based on an independent analysis, an insurance policy pursuant to the client's insurable interest and requirements, counselling the client in the case of an insured event, and in other matters related to the insurance policy. Independent analysis means that in submitting an overview of insurance offers / the offers of insurance companies and making recommendations to the client Avor is guided only by the client's insurable interest and requirements whereby Avor refrains from representing the interests of insurers or third parties.
Avor acts as an independent expert in inspecting the insured object.

Avor practices insurance brokerage in accordance with the Insurance Activities Act and is included in the list on insurance brokers available on the web site www.fi.ee.

Our employees have held various positions in several insurance and brokerage companies. We are well familiar with every relevant process in the area of insurance, from risk assessment and conclusion of contracts to loss adjustment. In comparing the products offered by insurance undertakings we appraise the client of the specifications and restrictions of the relevant types of insurance as well as of the bases for refusing indemnity, and make recommendations regarding the insurance of any additional risks.

We are happy to see both companies and their employees as our clients and we do our best to provide them with an excellent service and, given the multitude of products offered by insurance undertakings, find a solution which would best correspond to our clients’ insurable interest.

We are constantly developing and updating our services, making it as comfortable as possible for our clients to buy and manage insurance cover.